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The Portal (psychomanteum)

Mention of a ritual process for contacting the dead can be found in the writings of the ancient Greeks. The writings described how individuals were guided through subterranean chambers over a series of several days, and finally taken into an area, a "necromanteum", containing what is believed to have been a large cauldron-type vessel. Water or oil filled the vessel providing a reflective surface for the initiated individual to contact the dead. Dr. Raymond Moody modified this process to fit more in the modern day. He coined the term "psychomanteum". Dr. Irene Blinston expanded and modified Dr. Moody's psychomanteum, and psychomanteum process, developing "The Portal".

Physical Description
The Portal is a very dark, dimly lit chamber varying in size. At one end of the chamber is a chair and at the other end a mirror. The mirror is tilted at an angle so the sitter is prevented from seeing his or her own reflection. The special mirror is the true portal.

Current Psychomanteum Research
Very little published research is available concerning the psychomanteum process. Dr. Moody focused his study on contact made by means of apparitional encounters experienced during his psychomanteum process. The psychomanteum research conducted at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, CA, has focused its efforts on the reduction of the symptoms of grief. Dr. Blinston was a part of that research unit for 3 years. Currently there are two doctoral students conducting research on different aspects of the psychomanteum.

Purpose of the Portal (psychomanteum)
The primary focus of research of the psychomanteum team at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology was the psychomanteum's effects on the reduction of the symptoms of grief associated with a lost loved one. However, there are many possible uses for the Portal (psychomanteum). The possible uses include:
  • Connection and communication with a deceased individual in order to say good-bye or apologize for something
  • Connection and communication with one's ancestors in order to ask questions or get advice
  • Connection and communication with one's higher self
  • Confronting and speaking your mind to a person who diminished you at some point in your life and has since died
  • Connection and communication with one's former self in cases of major life transformations
  • and so much more…

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